DFS Insight

DFS has always displayed a passion for understanding ingredients and the quality of the feeds we produce. It is often stated “we do not mix feed, we blend nutrients.” This passion is part of the DFS brand.

Once serving internal Quality Control needs only, today DFS offers access to this technology through Market 1 subsidiary, Insight. Insight services are being embraced by major feed companies and both livestock and poultry production companies. DFS takes great pride in being able to serve the greater industry with the same Insight!

NIR Technology Journey – a Quest for Knowledge

Highlights of the Journey in installing this technology include:

  • 1998 – DFS installs NIT technology to understand energy values of corn
  • 2006 – Full  NIR capability is installed
  • 2008 – Equation capabilities include corn, SBM, DDGS, Meat and Bone Meal, Bakery-By Product, Wheat midds and Complete Feeds
  • 2009 – Proximate equations are expanded and certified by third party; equation quality control contributes to growing equation credibility
  • 2010 – Equations expanded to include amino acids
  • 2011 – Equations expanded to include more proximate nutrient constituents allowing wider acceptance for energy prediction within the industry; AA predictions certified
  • 2012 – Fully functional DataMaster serving the greater industry


DataMaster – Turning Data to Knowledge

DataMaster Login

Equally critical to decision making is being able to access data in such a fashion as to make quick decisions. This reality led to development of this unique data management tool. Today, DataMaster serves not only DFS but all its customers with the following features:

  • Direct and “real time” import of NIR scan results of ingredients and complete feed
  • Web accessibility to any or all clients
  • Fully functional security providing high confidence that any data or predictions are limited to the client and their team
  • Ability to query data by any supplier or location
  • Opportunity to view data in statistical summary format for formulation loadings or view data in run chart format to view trends and supplier comparisons, in a format allowing measurement of supplier compliance to specifications


Invite us to assist you in “turning data to knowledge!”